(Not to brag or anything, but it turns out people kinda like us.)


"The online Birth Photography course is amazing! I have been a photographer for one year with only outdoor/natural light experience under my belt. Birth is SO unpredictable in MANY ways, but after capturing 3 births, I quickly knew it was my niche! Taking this course has helped prepare me for those unpredictable situations-including lack of natural light. Jennifer and Monet have poured their hearts into this online course and it shows! YOU will not be disappointed!" -Ashley Grimes www.ashleygrimesphotography.com


"Birth Becomes Her has played a vital role in my success as a birth photographer. The tools and support BBH offers is truly amazing. Their presets have drastically reduced my editing time and my images have never looked better. I've also had the pleasure of attending an in person and online workshop, both have been extremely helpful as I continue to grow my business. Investing in BBH has been one of the greatest decisions I've made for my birth photography business." - Kathryn Johnson www.kjbirth.com


"When I decided I wanted to be a birth photographer I didn't even know where to begin. Joining the Birth Becomes Her group was a game changer for me. Attending the workshop in April 2017 was the best springboard into the birth world that I could have asked for. Now taking the Fall 2017 online course solidifies for me that I am in the right place! They provide all the tools and support necessary to keep a newer birth photographer educated and motivated. I love Jennifer and Monet's passion for not only birth photographer but for birth photographers! I also have to mention the preset collections they make available are AMAZING! I use their Light room presets and brushes on every project; I could not do my job without them!" - DeAnna Weyhrich www.ddweyhrichphotography.com


"Birth Becomes Her is a comprehensive course that not only covers the technical but also gives you an insight into the passion that both Jen and Monet have in the work they do. I couldn't recommend this online course highly enough." - Liane Bourke, Melb Australia http://LianeBourke.com


"I started the Birth Becomes Her online workshop at the beginning of October 2017, and it's been fantastic. With only a week left, I'm feeling sad that it's almost over, but I'm definitely leaving feeling motivated and confident! This course has really helped propel my business and increase my skills in not only birth photography, but photography in general. I've learned so much in regards to settings and technical skill, storytelling, business management, birth etiquette, and much more. Jennifer and Monet are leaders of this industry, no doubt, and to learn from them has been beyond inspiring. I've taken many online courses but I really love the way this course is set up, it allows for great discussion and interaction. I've loved watching the videos included in the lessons, they've been very insightful and helpful. Even with their busy schedules, Monet and Jenn have taken time with us to answer all of our questions and give us personally tailored advice. They really go above and beyond to help other birth photographers grow in this industry. This course is a must-take for any aspiring birth photographers, or even established birth photographers!" - Shelby Story www.shelbystoryphotography.com


"I stumbled upon the Birth Becomes Her page when I first started exploring the idea of becoming a birth photographer. I can’t say how thankful I am that I found this amazing community! I’ve attended the Spring in-person workshop and left with amazing new friendships. It was so empowering to meet such talented photographers in person! My workflow is so smooth now that I have the film presets and brushes. (And boy has my work improved!) I have tried to take advantage of every education course and resource these ladies offer because it really has helped me to grow as a Birth Photographer in such a short span of time. I’m incredibly proud of how far I’ve been able to leap and I certainly couldn’t have done it without the support of Jen, Monet, and the BBH Community. Thank you for all your amazing resources ladies!" - Norma Hess, McAllen TX- Norma Hess Photography - rgvbirthphotography.com


“Birth Becomes Her has helped my business grow tremendously. Everything from the online courses, support groups, and preset collections have taken me to the next level. I never knew I could feel this confident about my work! Plus my workflow has gotten so much faster!”

— Brooklyn Logan, www.mindfulmamabirth.com