COURSE - The Essence of Birth Live - 2019

COURSE - The Essence of Birth Live - 2019


Registration will start July 15th for our LIVE course. We have some exciting news for all course participants this year! Our online course will be followed by an in-person workshop in the summer of 2020!

We asked YOU what you wanted more of in our Essence Course and the resounding answer was, ‘an in-person component and more time for questions’

And so we’ve added just that!

Join us online for the start of our 14 week course in August, 2019 - and then again at our IN PERSON workshop in July, 2020 in Colorado! The first 10 people to register for Essence 2019 will receive FREE registration to the workshop! All other students will receive a deeply discounted ticket to the workshop weekend.

The Essence of Birth - Online Course is a 14 lesson, online course that helps you gain the skillsknowledge, and passion to pursue birth photography and make an impact in your birth community. Created and led by Monet Nicole and Jennifer Mason, students will work through course material online, while receiving additional support from fellow students and their instructors.

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Over the past 2 years, we've seen almost 100 women and men follow their hearts and passions. They wanted confidence, support, and community. They wanted to impact the world with their art. They wanted to offer families priceless memories. They joined us in our first two Essence of Birth - Online Courses, and what an incredible journey we went on! 

The Essence of Birth - Online Course is a 14 lesson, online course that helps you gain the skillsknowledge, and passion to pursue birth photography and make an impact in your birth community. Jennifer and Monet believe that birth photography is one of the most challenging fields a photographer can enter, and after a year of teaching this incredible course, we've added EVEN MORE training, support, and behind-the-scenes "insider" information.   

We want you to Succeed, we want you to book clients! We want to see you thrive! 

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If you've been inspired by the power and artistic potential of birth photography, but feel intimidated to bring your camera into such an intimate and monumental event, this course is for you.

Monet Nicole and Jennifer Mason have photographed nearly 400 births and have helped countless new photographers start their birth photography businesses. As leaders in the birth photography community, we're excited to launch this comprehensive and life-changing birth photography course. 

We want every student to walk away with the tools necessary to THRIVE in this growing industry. We want each of our students to feel like they have the opportunity to ask us questions, to share their unique struggles, and to brainstorm goals for their business. This course provides you with IMMENSE written and pre-recorded teaching, but we also connect with you personally. We believe that each photographer can benefit from individual attention, and we're so excited that our course puts that in the forefront. 

The Course Sequence

  1. The Heart - Developing Your Passion for This Work

  2. Sacred Birth Space and Birth 101 - Emma Nolan - Understanding the complexity and diversity of birth

  3. Camera Basics - Establishing a Strong Foundation in Technical Skills

  4. Lighting 101 - Addressing Lighting Issues in the Birth Space

  5. Storytelling - How to use each frame to tell a story 

  6. Moment of Birth - Capturing one of the most exhilarating moments in the world

  7. Editing - Finding Workflow and Editing Style that Simplifies Your Life and Sets You Apart

  8. Birth Safety - Working Beneath Shared Standards of Ethics and Safety 

  9. Business Basics - Establishing a Sustainable Photography Business 

  10. Marketing - Finding Your Unique Voice and Clients

  11. Branding and Finding Your Niche - Learn who you are and how to market to your clients

  12. Self-Care - How to Develop Practices that Nourish You and Your Family

  13. Diversity and Inclusion - inclusive language and more

  14. Loss - how to support a family through the loss of a child.

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“I walked away with a full heart from the course, and I took with me invaluable information and insight, friendships, confidence, and a reignited drive to continue to begin my journey as a birth photographer. Really, I don’t have adequate words to say how wonderful this workshop was.”


“I was having trouble defining who I was as a birth photographer (style, ideal client, motivation) and now I feel so confident in who I am and what I offer!”


“Prior to the BBH course I was insecure in regards to my business and willing to do just about anything to get clients, including offering sessions at embarrassingly low prices. After the BBH course I have more confidence and can’t wait to put into practice what I learned. I look forward to seeing my business grow as result of such an amazing experience.”


I love that you guys made it feel like we were friends. It really felt like you wanted us to succeed in our business!”


“You are all so AMAZING and I am SO glad I decided to invest in myself and my business! I feel like I have made great connections and have an excellent starting point for my business. I also feel like I gained more insight and valuable information to help support future clients in this amazing time of their lives. Thank you, thank you, thank you!”


“I was feeling isolated before the course but I don’t feel that way anymore. Before I would have been afraid to ask many questions, now I am no longer afraid ~ so get ready they will be coming your way! I was terribly naïve about birth photography before the workshop but I went from “maybe I can’t do this, to I think I can do this, to I AM DOING THIS!” You ladies are amazing and I am forever grateful to your kindness and your friendship...thank you from the bottom of my heart!”

What Will You Learn

What it includes:

  • Shooting tutorial: Watch Monet and Jennifer document a birth from start to finish

  • Editing Tutorial: See Jennifer Mason edit a birth from start to finish, in under two hours

  • Interviews with Midwifes, Nurses, and OBs on Safety and Birth Etiquette 

  • Standards for Safety and Ethics to ensure you are knowledgeable and safe in the birth space

  • Niche Marketing Session by Renowned Photographer and Business Mentor, Chris Loring 

  • Birth Photography Certification - Become Certified by Birth Becomes Her

  • Online Discussion Forum to ask questions, make connections, and share your work

  • In Person Weekend! Where you can directly speak to Monet and Jennifer and ask questions

  • Access to an Exclusive Mentorship Facebook Group

  • One BBH Contract

  • A Select Number of Email Templates (that help you book your inquiries!)

  • Map Listing - You'll be included on our world map as a BBH Certified Photographer

  • A $65 BBH store credit to get you started right now!  

How it Works: 

  • 14 Lesson Course - 2 Lessons Per Week 

  • Work through the content at your own pace, or keep pace with the class

  • Ask questions and engage with your teachers and community

  • Map Listing as a Certified BBH Birth Photographer on our website and receive leads emailed to you from the BBH map listing!

  • Students receive lifetime access to course material 

  • Entirely online with daily discussion that can be joined whenever you have time during the 14 weeks!

  • Access to a weekend in Colorado with Jenn and Monet - Q and A and community!

  • Once you complete the course, you will receive certification

Learn from leaders in the industry!



Jennifer has been a birth and motherhood photographer for more than 5 years and has captured nearly 100 births. As the co-founder of Birth Becomes Her, Jennifer works with men and women around the world as they start their birth photography careers.

She also has her Bachelors of Science Degree and worked to ensure the American College of Surgeons standards were in place for patient safety at two hospital systems in Denver.

She is a mom to Magnolia and Clementine, both very feisty girls and wife to Josh.



Monet Nicole began her journey into the birth world over five years ago. She’s photographed and filmed over 300 birth stories. She mentors birth photographers, teaches classes on birth photography and videography, and co-founded Birth Becomes Her with Jennifer Mason. She holds a Masters of Fine Arts, and believes birth is one of the most transformative and transcendent experiences in our world.

She is wife to Ryan and mother to two vivacious girls, Lucy and Eliza.



Chris Loring is our marketing queen. As a mentor for professional women photographers, Chris believes that it’s time to stop glamorizing ‘hustle’ and start living life again. She has helped countless photographers tap into their unique voice...and to translate that into booking clients. She's a master of SEO, creating a killer ABOUT ME page, and working smarter, not harder.



From her many years working as a midwife surrounded by the beauty of motherhood, Emma was inspired to become a photographer to capture the incredible moments each family experiences when welcoming a new baby into the world.

Emma is an experienced birth photographer, who has photographed births across Brisbane at home births, birth centres, and hospitals. She provides a gentle, supportive, and professional experience to her clients.

Emma’s vision is to capture the most pure, emotional, and incredible transition in a woman’s life journey, motherhood. The challenges, joy, and triumph.



Sara Arias is an experienced Labor and Delivery RN of 10 years as well as Lifestyle Photographer. She is passionate about women’s health and advocates for the laboring mother in a hospital setting. As an educator for patients and their families, she empowers the laboring woman to make informed decisions about her care. Sara teaches our students about safety in the hospital setting and helped create our comprehensive birth photography standards.


What equipment do we need/want to have?

We'd like you to have DSLR or mirrorless camera. 


How much photography experience would be beneficial?

Some understanding of photography is helpful but not necessary. We have links to tutorials if you need extra help. 


What type of photo editing software is needed?

We recommend using Lightroom. You can purchase a monthly subscription for a very reasonable price (around $10 per month).


How much time commitment does the course take each week?

We release two lessons each week, and we recommend that you set aside one to two hours per lesson. This material is available to you AFTER the course ends, so if you get's okay. You can always catch up later.  


I want to know more about the payment plan option.

Payments are made in 3 installments of $347. 


How do I get my Birth Becomes Her Certification?

Once you complete the course at 100%, and you send in your business plan via email, we will give you your Birth Becomes Her Certificate and add you to our map as a BBH Certified Photographer.