Building Your Birth Business - Toolkit

Building Your Birth Business - Toolkit


A Comprehensive Guide to Starting Your Birth Business and Creating an LLC

We believe that every birth professional should be equipped with thorough and easy-to-understand information about starting and sustaining their birth business. Yes, your business CAN thrive, RIGHT NOW!   But one of the most important steps you can take is establishing your business on a sound legal and financial foundation. We created the Building your Birth Business Toolkit to help.  AND if you purchase during LAUNCH week, we're including 6 bonus organizational tools and 4 contracts! Offer ends on Friday at midnight MST. 

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The Building Your Birth Business Toolkit includes an 80-page Birth Business Guidebook, Business Plan Template, 3 legal documents, and 9 additional templates/checklists.  DURING OUR LAUNCH, we are so happy to also include: 2  BONUS CONTRACTS, 2 BONUS releases, and 6 other bonus templates to help you start your business TODAY.  The Toolkit was designed for all birth professionals with two main goals in mind:

  • To guide you in creating a fully formed, efficient birth business
  • To give you all the action steps and documents you need to operate your business legally and with protection

Our Toolkit is comprehensive, practical, and approachable. We created it to help your birth business thrive!

Make the Process of Establishing Your Birth Business Easier

When you download the Building Your Birth Business Toolkit, you’ll have all the information you need to create an effective, organized, mindful birth business. We know how overwhelming it can be when you start out. We know that it feels like everywhere you turn, there are more things to do, more things to set up. We want to save you time. We want to give you an easy-to-follow plan for turning your passion into an established business that will thrive!

Here’s What Is Included in the Toolkit:  

  • Birth Business Guidebook – our 80 Page Detailed Guidebook is the foundation of the toolkit.   Learn about the detailed steps that go into setting up a successful, protected birth business.  Our guidebook includes tips from attorneys as well!  Some of the sections included in the Birth Business Guidebook are:

-Deciding on a business name 

-Creating a Business Plan

-Creating your LLC

-Pricing your services

-Dealing with the unexpected

-Designing a logo

-Creating your website and accounts

-Ordering business cards

-Preparing to launch your business

  • Business Plan Template – Identify your ideas, values, and goals and turn them into a plan for a business that is representative of you and your beliefs.  This business plan template has been created specifically with birth professionals in mind.
  • Action Plan Template – Create doable action steps from your business goals that you can hold yourself accountable for.
  • 3 Legal Documents* – These documents were written by the attorneys at Wills & Wellness, and can help ensure your business has limited liability protection.  You will receive two versions of each legal document: a template that is ready for you to customize and use, and a version with comments that will tell you what information to enter in each blank on the template.  

–Confidentiality Release Form
–LLC Annual Meeting Minutes
–LLC Operating Agreement

  • Tax Tracking Template* – Be prepared to file your business taxes at the end of each year.  This spreadsheet will help you keep track of your business finances and mileage throughout the year.  *Due to the new tax legalities in 2018, there is no tax advise offered in this toolkit
  • LLC Registration Websites by State – Find the website you will need to register your LLC.
  • Insurance Recommendations - Take the headache out of insurance, spells out what is needed and we offer direct links to get it
  • BONUS!**  2 Contracts 2 Releases* -  We want you to be able to start working right away, without the need to purchase additional contracts.  We've included a contract for birth doulas as well as for birth photographers. We've also included a model release and a print release. 
  • BONUS!** 6 organizational items that help you build your business with a foundation of organization. Including birth log, cost of doing business log, inquiry log, template for a fridge magnet that you can give to clients, and website tracking stats.  

*These legal documents were all written by attorneys.  While efforts have been made to ensure they can be used throughout the United States, we recommend having all of your legal documents reviewed by an attorney in your state.

** Bonus items are for a LIMITED TIME during our Launch.  Launch ends on Friday, March 9th, midnight!  

All of the templates and checklists will be sent to you as Microsoft Word or Excel documents and can be easily customized and made your own.


The goal of the Building Your Birth Business Toolkit is to help you create the most effective, inspired version of your birth business possible so you can maximize your impact in the birth world and for the families you work with.   

FAQs about the Toolkit

Who is this toolkit for? – We designed this with all birth professionals in mind; regardless of whether you are a doula, birth photographer, placenta encapsulation specialist, lactation consultant, etc. these materials will pertain to you and your business.

Is this toolkit only for new birth professionals? – No! While this toolkit was created with the new birth professional in mind, which is evident in the thoroughness of the materials, even the experienced birth professional will find new information and documents to better protect themselves legally and financially.

How is the Toolkit different from what I received at my professional training? – You may or may not have taken a professional training that covered how to best support your clients and possibly gave some information on how to set up your business.  However, these trainings rarely give the comprehensive information needed to start and protect a business.  While this toolkit does not cover how to support your clients, it does give you all the information and materials you will need to start your birth business and ensure you have limited liability protection.

Does this toolkit promote a one-size-fits-all birth business? – No!  The Setting Up & Protecting Your Birth Business Toolkit provides the organization for your business, but not the philosophy or training.  You will be able to personalize all the materials and ideas you find in this toolkit in a way that fits you and your business.  You will also be given plenty of prompts to help you create the most effective birth business you can and ensure you are protecting yourself every step of the way.

Are contracts included in this toolkit? – YES!   During our launch! We wanted you to start off on the right foot.  We wanted you to have EVERYTHING you need, so we've included several amazing contracts for you to begin your business during our launch, which ends on March 9th at midnight.  

I live in Wisconsin. Will the legal information in this toolkit pertain to me? – Yes, most, if not all, of the legal information will pertain to you.  While the legal documents and information found in the Toolkit were written by attorneys in the state of Colorado, the processes they have outlined will be the same or similar in other states.  However, we do recommend you check your local legal requirements and have your final legal documents reviewed by an attorney in your area to ensure you are fully protected.  If you do not live in the United States, the legal information will not pertain to you, however, all the comprehensive information on how to go about setting up your birth business will.

How will I receive the Toolkit? – After completing your purchase, you will be sent an email with a link to download all toolkit materials in a zip file.

Does the Toolkit cover taxes – Because so much is changing with the new Tax laws, we recommend you talk to a local CPA to learn how the changes will effect you and your small business. We do provide you with all the tools you need for you business to get started and ready for tax-season.

Help Your Business THRIVE from Day One!

We created the toolkit to make this process easy. We created this toolkit so that within just a few months, your business can thrive. The Toolkit will allow you to maintain complete control over how you work, and improve your organization and professionalism of your business.  It simplifies the process of setting up your business so you can focus on doing the work that you love. 

Here’s what people are saying about the Building Your Birth Business Toolkit:

The toolkit was the right balance of enough information but not overwhelming. It was easy to understand, and great verbiage was used, so beginners/people just starting out will know how to establish their business and sustain it. The links were helpful too!  It was very helpful to me as a new birth professional.  This toolkit is a great tutorial on how to go about creating and establishing a business and how to keep it alive.  It really got me pumped up and excited about establishing a business. It gave me confidence to actually believe in myself to register as an LLC! – Brianna (new birth professional)

This is EXACTLY the step-by-step tool you need to build your business, and the information in it is priceless.   I loved the way it was organized and the tips sprinkled in were very helpful.  I actually hired a business doula when I started my business, and paid in the vicinity of $500, and didn’t get nearly the value that I got from your Toolkit.  Thanks for putting this together!  I feel the need to go through my own business from the ground up and use this plan now.  How I wish I had this when I was first getting started! – Chris (experienced doula)

Download the Building Your Birth Business Toolkit

Click the “Buy Now” button below to download the Building Your Birth Business Toolkit for $197.  You’ll be taken through a quick, secure checkout process and then will be sent an email enabling you to download the Toolkit to any device at any time. Remember, if you buy during our launch, you'll also receive 2 contracts, 2 releases, and 6 organizational templates/tools!


Wills & Wellness is a law firm based in Denver, CO.  They specialize in estate planning but were gracious enough to take the time to write these materials for birth professionals to help us protect ourselves.