TOOLKIT - SEO for Birth Photographers

TOOLKIT - SEO for Birth Photographers


Good SEO is actually Simple and Focused. Be Natural. Be You. Connect with Your Clients 

Designed by renowned photographer and marketing specialist, Chris Loring of Winter & Pine, Birth Becomes Her is excited to offer the first SEO toolkit specifically created for birth photographers. 

Gone are the days of stuffing blog posts with keywords and unnatural text. The trick is to use natural language and your voice to share. 

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SEO for Birth Photographers

The Birth Becomes Her SEO toolkit includes: 

  • SEO Basics
  • Targeted Client Worksheet - the Birth Edition
  • Keyword Research Worksheet - the Birth Edition
  • Website Worksheet - the Birth Edition
  • How to Implement
  • SEO for Images - the Birth Edition
  • Sample Blog Posts - the Birth Edition
  • SEO for Squarespace
  • SEO for Wordpress 
  • SEO Checklist - the Birth Edition

Simply put SEO means to tailor your website, blog, images, text, pages, show up in search results. A website cannot and will not show up for search results if the search engines aren't aware of the website, what it offers, or how it might perfectly serve the people looking for it. We want your people to find you! 

Remember the 'google bot' is a robot, but the end reader is a human! 

Don't Let SEO overwhelm you, take it one step at a time. We've designed this toolkit to be digested into easy chunks with worksheets to help guide you to your unique client. Work through this one section at a time, making steady and true-to-you changes that will result in a higher google ranking but more importantly will speak to your client. 

Example page of SEO toolkit
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