Map Listing

Map Listing


Are you a professional birth photographer? Do you want to be listed on our interactive "Find a Birth Photographer" Map?

We'd love to have you. We update this map twice a year. 

Submissions are currently OPEN. Map will be updated within 2 weeks of your purchase and your listing will be active for one year. You will have the option to renew your subscription when your year is up.

In order to be listed, you must be a practicing birth photographer with a website or Facebook page that points to your birth services. 

Please email us at if you have any questions. 

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In the year since we’ve added this feature to our website, we’ve found that moms looking for birth photographers are still reaching out to us to find a birth photographer. We’ve updated our website with a form for families who are looking for a birth photographer. We ask them their name, email, location, due date and budget. Then we send an email out to everyone on our list with the LOCATION of the lead, you can reply back to receive the inquiry info and then reach out to them directly. This is beyond a pin on a map, it’s a lead inquiry service and we are excited to ask moms to reach out to us, because we can connect them to you.

Get Listed! 

We wanted to give you another opportunity to drive traffic and SEO to your website; get listed on the BBH map!   Listing is $97 for 1 year, and your website and location will be listed on our world map.  

*Anyone who has purchased a listing in the first year at the introductory rate will continue to have that intro rate in subsequent years.