CLEAN - Collection for Lightroom

CLEAN - Collection for Lightroom


The Birth Becomes Her Clean Preset Collection, updated in 2019, offers birth photographers the editing tools to create clean, consistent, and timeless birth collections. These presets were created to enhance natural skin tones while still staying reflecting the heart of the original image. 

Designed by birth photographers, Monet Nicole and Jennifer Mason, these presets work for images taken in both natural light and with bounced flash. As with all presets, we encourage birth photographers to use them as a base and then tweak them based on your shooting style. 

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See the Difference for Yourself

Create Clean and Timeless edits with the Birth Becomes Her Clean Collection. Birth photographers work in the most difficult lighting situations, which can make editing challenging. These presets were created by birth photographers for birth photographers. They work beautifully in hospital births, home births, and birth center births. They bring out the beautiful tones and colors that exist in the birth space. 

There are seven presets included in this collection. Use the slider to view the effect.

Black and White - Clean 

Black and White - Metallic 

Color - Bright

Color - Bold

Color - Sharp 

Color - Clean Soft

Color - Hospital 

These Birth Photography Lightroom Presets will make your workflow significantly faster. 

They provide a clean edit for birth photos that will look great on almost any birth image.  We've tested these on over 250 photos (and counting) and we are excited that they are so versatile and easy to use.  If you still aren't sure, email us at and send us a RAW file from your most recent birth, we are happy to test out the presets and share the results with you!  

These are a great addition for any birth photographer, start off with a clean edit and add your own style after applying the preset, or use the preset clean as it is.  These work great for Fresh 48 photos too!  

Details and Compatibility

The presets include a folder with XMP files. If you have a newer version of Lightroom (7.2 and above) the XMP files will be needed, if you have an old version, the LRTEMPLATE files will be needed and you can convert these yourself or reach out to us for a conversion. This is because Lightroom changed the file extension for their presets with recent updates. If you use Lightroom Classic CC, these WILL work. If you use Lightroom CC “on the go editing’ these will also work, but need to be uploaded to CC on a computer, not mobile device.