TOOLKIT - Fresh 48 Guide

TOOLKIT - Fresh 48 Guide


Set yourself up for success in your next Fresh 48 Session, this guide will help you set up a workflow for your Fresh 48 sessions, editing, lighting and even booking Fresh 48 Sessions.  

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Learn from a leader in the industry as she shares her secrets for a successful Fresh 48 Photography Session.  

Hannah walks you through her processes from start to finish of the session and includes her marketing, editing, and lighting secrets.  She also shows you behind the scenes footage from her sessions and how she navigates the small and dark hospital rooms to create beautiful images every time.  

Hannah Writes: "You will see a behind-the-scenes look into a full Fresh 48 session allowing you to see exactly how I guide clients and find the best light in small hospital rooms. You will also gain access to a private Facebook group where I will be available for any follow-up questions and continued guidance. This class is geared toward professional photographers who are comfortable shooting in manual mode although non-professionals will still gain valuable knowledge. Let's get started!"

The Fresh 48 Guide is not only packed with information, but also with beautiful images that draw you in and walk you through the guide, making it easy and fun to read and learn.

Here's a deeper look inside the Fresh 48 Photography Guide

  • What's in Hannah's Bag
  • Client Prep
  • Before The Session
  • Marketing
  • Lighting
  • Workflow
  • Editing
  • Video
  • Pricing
  • After The Session
  • Bonus - NICU 
  • Special Facebook Group to Learn more from Hannah
  • Printable Posing Cards
  • Much more! 

We are so excited to offer Hannah's Fresh 48 Guide on Birth Becomes Her.  If you want to focus your photography business on Fresh 48 work, then this is what you need to GET STARTED.  Don't wait, shop today!  To check out more of Hannah Drew Photography's work, you can find her website here.