Email and Marketing Toolkit

Email and Marketing Toolkit


Book More Clients Easily with the Email & Marketing Toolkit

Monet Nicole and Jennifer Mason have booked over 400 births together, and we’re excited to help you book more clients too! When you download these templates, you’ll be able to use them to book more clients, overcome common objections to birth photography, and develop a strong marketing strategy.

We know how discouraging it can be when you aren’t booking as many birth clients as you’d like. We know how tiring it can be to answer countless objections to your pricing. We know how exhausting it is to explain the importance of these moments. When you purchase this toolkit, you’ll have thoughtful and tested responses to all of these objections (and more) at your fingertips.

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You have an what?  

As artists, you know how to create beautiful photos, but sometimes answering emails, fielding calls, and meeting clients can be stressful.  Our Email and Marketing Toolkit will make the hard part of your job easier.  We want you to be able to focus on doing what you love, and stress less about what to say to clients.  

Our Email and Marketing Toolkit includes:

  • 30 pages of templates and marketing tips that you can customize specifically to your business and brand
  • A road map to better phone and in-person consultations
  • Tips on closing your inquiries
  • Tips to increase your inquiries
  • How to compete against cheaper photographers
  • A letter your clients can give to providers about you and your professionalism
  • How to incorporate the templates into your workflow

What People Are Saying

Our Toolkit Includes Thoughtful and Proven Responses to Common Objections like:

  • Pricing/Too Expensive
  • “We’ll Think About It”
  • “My partner doesn’t want this”
  • Concerns about Privacy
  • Concerns about Modesty
  • Precipitous Births
  • Cesarean Births
  • Concerns about Distraction
  • First Time Moms who are Unsure Of the Process
  • Desire for Intimacy
  • Will My Provider EVEN Allow a Photographer
  • Worries about How They’ll Look During Labor and Birth

You'll receive a template for each objection that you can modify to fit your specific voice and market.  

email templates for birth photographers

Upon investing in the email templates you will instantly receive a download for all of these templates and marketing tips.  This toolkit will equip you to feel confident in your emails and will allow you to streamline your response process. You'll have a clear and easy system for responding to inquiries and closing sales. 


What are you waiting for?  

It's time for you to start booking clients.  Use these proven responses that you purchase for just $97, and book inquiries that are well over $1,000.  This toolkit is the best purchase you can make for your business right now!