Black and White Preset Collection

Black and White Preset Collection


This is a collection of ALL Black and White Conversions that are specific for Birth and Lifestyle Photography. There are 7 presets in the collection and each one has a distinct style and they work well together. If you have been struggling to create that perfect black and white conversion, look no further than the Birth Becomes Her Black and White Preset Pack!

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Black and White Collection


BW Clean (TL), BW Deep Shadows (BL), BW Grit (Top middle), BW Lifestyle (Middle), BW Simple (Middle bottom), BW Soft Metallic (TR), BW Warm (Bottom right)

The Birth Becomes Her Film Presets were specifically designed by birth photographers for birth photographers. These presets are well suited for a variety of birth spaces such as hospitals, birth centers, and homes. Two black and white presets and four color presets are included with the collection. These presets were inspired by many of the gorgeous film images that preceded the rise of the birth photography movement. Each preset is designed to be a one-click editing solution but here at Birth Becomes Her, we always encourage each artist to adapt them to fit their own unique style.

BBH - BW Clean (1 of 1)-2.jpg


This preset is clean and simple. Crisp whites with brighter shadows that allow the details to come through in the image. Great for natural light and backlighting.


Deep Shadows

This was originally released in 2014 when we launched our basic collection. It’s been revamped and included in this collection. Deep shadows, contrasty blacks, and lots of texture make this preset unique and great for birth or lifestyle.

BBH - BW Soft Metallic (1 of 1)-3.jpg

Soft Metallic

This was originally released in our Clean Collection. It has since been updated and tweeked and it’s Jenn’s go-to black and white preset.

BBH - BW lifestyle (1 of 1)-3.jpg


This is a lifestyle BW conversion. It’s lighter and brighter than others in the collection. It has some grit and grain, and is great for natural light.

BBH - BW simple (1 of 1)-4.jpg


It is simple. A beautiful conversion that looks great in natural light and especially in bad lighting.

BBH - BW grit (1 of 1)-3.jpg


A new favorite, this is contrasty with grain. Sharp crisp whites and deep blacks enhance the textures in the image. Deep shadows draw focus to whites and highlights.

BBH - BW warm (1 of 1).jpg


A new take on a BBH classic, a sharp, high clarity, metallic looking BW conversion. This has a hint of warmth added to the conversion.

Details and Compatibility

The presets include a folder with LRTEMPLATE files and XMP files. If you have a newer version of Lightroom (7.2 and above) the XMP files will be needed, if you have an old version, the LRTEMPLATE files will be needed. This is because Lightroom changed the file extension for their presets with recent updates. If you use Lightroom Classic CC, these WILL work. If you use Lightroom CC “on the go editing’ these will also work, but need to be uploaded to CC on a computer, not mobile device.

Here are some more examples of the presets used on images.