Photographing and Providing Doula Support for your Best Friend, Powell River, British Columbia

Photographer: Julia Stride




Instagram: @littlebirdbirthservices

Brief Description of Birth: This was the birth of my best friends second son, I was so honoured to be both her Doula and her Birth Photographer. I arrived to the hospital at around 8:30PM to seeing my beautiful friend, radiant as always and completely in the zone. She looked like a goddess and both her and her hubby were so in sync with each other. The birthing rooms in our hometown hospital are quite small so working in the confined area posed some challenges (especially as I was 6.5 months pregnant at the time) but we made it work. She delivered her beautiful baby boy safely and he presented with a double nuchal cord. Being at any birth is special, but being at this little boys birth holds a very incredibly special place in my heart. You can not only see the love between this new family of four, but you can feel it too.

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