Honoring National Midwifery Week

The word derives from Old English mid, “with” and wif, “woman”, and thus originally mean “with-woman”.

#NMW2018 was created by American College of Nurse-Midwives to celebrate and recognize midwives and midwife-led care.

“In your darkest hour of labor, she was there to anchor you, to tell you that what you’re doing is normal and healthy, and that you are more than capable of birthing your baby.”

~ Natassia Lopez / www.birthbytasha.com

Supportive. Advocate. Empowering.

“Midwifery is consistency. Being that strong steady presence, no matter what turns birth takes. Never faltering. And in the end, placing babe into mama’s arms for the first time makes every step worth it.”

~Jenine Brown / www.embracebirth.ca

Jenine Brown /  www. embracebirth.ca

Jenine Brown / www. embracebirth.ca

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