Joyous Birth Center Birth

Photographer: Brianna Waltman




Instagram: @breezyphotome

Sarah went 2 weeks and 2 days past her due date before naturally going into labor on her own. She decided to deliver her child at a birth center and her goal was to bring her new baby into the world in the most natural way possible. Sarah did not know the sex of her baby until he was born. As I arrived to begin shooting her labor, I figured I'd have plenty of time to relax and shoot periodically, but was I ever wrong. When I walked into the door it was clear things had progressed rapidly. I'll never forget that I was so quick to get my camera out I even spilled my coffee all over myself in the heat of the moment. Sarah quickly moved to the bathtub for a water delivery. Elijah soothed Sarah through the waves of pain, and once Sarah even asked Elijah if he was okay. After about a half hour of labor in the bath, the baby's head was out! But unfortunately the rest of baby did not want to come out, so the midwives instructed Sarah to stand up in the bath, then they picked her up and took her out of the water where she delivered the rest of baby on the floor. After hearing the first cries, they then carried Sarah and baby as a team over to the bed. She laid there and met her son for the first time, experiencing pure joy and ecstasy as she felt his skin on hers in the first moments of his life. They delayed cutting the cord for an hour and then we created art with the placenta after! When the midwife weighed baby, he was 9lb 6oz, just as Elijah had predicted earlier in the day. He was also born on his late grandfathers birthday, 10-4. The baby did not have a name until day 4, Finley William Keyes.

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