How Far I've Come

When Monet and I started Birth Becomes Her, initially we just wanted to share blogs of beautiful birth stories from around the world, with the world.  But after listening to birth photographers, we realized that it wasn't just sharing stories that would help grow the industry.  Birth photographers needed tools to help their businesses grow and it's been our mission to create those ever since. 

One of the biggest needs in this industry was a thorough beginner course. A class that not only taught camera skills, but stages of labor and birth, safety in the birth space, confidence and so much more!  We created the Essence of Birth to walk you through all that you need to know, to walk into the birth space and provide wonderful images to your client while being safe and confident in the birth space. 

We wanted to share a success story with you, because that is what this journey is all about.  Learning, growing and becoming successful doing what you love.  

This is the story of Jayme, spoken in her words:

Before starting the Birth Becomes Her Course and Mentoring, I was afraid.

I was afraid to get "the shot". I was afraid to rearrange things in the delivery room if I needed to. I was afraid of how the family would act with me being in the room with them. I was afraid to use flash!  You should never be afraid to use flash.

Since I've started this mentor ship my confidence has grown so much and it continues to grow with each birth I attend. I'm no longer afraid of the things I listed above. I will do everything I can to safely get the best photos possible for my clients, because I'm confident that is what they hired me for.  
Flash used to be my worst enemy but now thanks to Jenn and Monet, it is my BEST friend! It really is a game changer.  I know how to address it with my clients beforehand and use it in the most discreet way, to get the most amazing photos for my clients.  

My whole process,  from talking to clients, to taking the pictures to editing - is evolving and changing in the best way possible!  I am so glad I took the leap of faith to start this Course with BBH.  I can't wait to see how much more I'm going to grow as this class goes on and with Jenn and Monet's support.  

Here are a few photos from before she took our class and had a gallery review with Jenn.  Below you can see the photos after.  What a difference in just one birth!  



Jayme Jenkins is a Halifax North Carolina Birth Photographer.  She'll be Certified on our Birth Becomes Her - Find a Photographer Map once she finishes the class.  You can find more work of Jayme's here.  

We'd love to share more about the Essence of Birth Course with you, sign up below to stay connected and to learn more about your journey as a birth photographer.  

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