Posterior Home Water Birth in Allen, TX

Photographer: KIRSTIE CLARK




Instagram: @kpphotoinc

Doula: Tracy Corrigan Dubois | The Mother's Knot North Texas Doulas

Birth Center: Allen Birthing Center 

Midwife: Kristen Perry Conroy

Brief Description of Birth:

Written by the birth mother: 

As we labored at home with our doula, each surge was met with a deep breathe in and an exhale. I knew all I could do was continue to trust God and my body in this process.

At that point, tears of every emotion possible, streamed down my cheeks. I was about to enter the water as one and rise out of it as two.

Your dad was the perfect birth coach and held space for you and I to figure out our process.

Just as my body stretched for you to have safe passage from God’s hands into ours, so did my identity and consciousness. Affirmations played continuously in the background and empowered my belief that I was created to create. My body knows how to give birth.

I eagerly moved in to different positions, not finding solace in any one position for too long.

Right before the final set of waves, I felt the presence of my grandmother and the lineage of strong women before her, surround my being as I braced myself in the pool for your arrival.

Within moments your eyes connected to ours.  

You’ve already taught us so much sweet little soul. Our birth story was the most profound initiation to miracles that we’ve experienced. Your birth is the epicenter of my power.

You are our greatest coach.

Skylyn, your first name is rooted in the strength of your paternal grandmothers. Your middle name, Oriana, is your beginning--“dawn of a new era of thought and life in to this world.”

While I birthed you, you must now birth yourself and become the potential you choose.

You were born a mermaid in water and you took your first breathes amidst iridescent bubbles.

You were literally born for greatness. And, we look forward to the many adventures ahead.

Caz Gaddis is a Certified Professional Coach in Dallas, Texas. Her pregnancy experience and birth story (watch her birth story video here by Gaddis Visuals) have led her to create a space for women to explore their energy and life purpose throughout the process of pregnancy to parenthood. Connect with her via

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