Beautiful and Gentle Sunset Water Birth in Charlotte, NC

Photographer: Emily Quezada

Videographer: Christa Watson





Brief Description of Birth: 

Roan's birth is the picture of peace. She is mother's second; 'birthing time' is a familiar friend. Her mother prepared for Roan with hypnobabies, a doula (myself), affirmations, and the positive atmosphere of the local birth center Baby + Co (Charlotte). She was equipped with knowledge, calm, and an abundance of love and support.

Labor began in the soft of the weekend, a silent flow of waters, followed calmly and slowly later by pressure waves.  At sunset pressure waves increased as the glow of the sun increased; as the sun set behind mom and a supporting dad, engulfing them in the firey colors of "hypno-anesthesia".  My partner and I quietly documented, while I tagged dad in and out giving pelvic compression and lower lumbar massage.  Mom continued to meditate on her tapes and music. 

Intensity lasted the hour of sunset before we headed to the birthing center, where mom began bringing baby down, in the heat of the birth pool, to the sounds of her tracks, with the pressure of massage, and comfort of her husband and support team.  Baby arrived earth side peacefully, perfectly, after a very short time. Mom held her darling, reflecting, calm, strong.  We gazed in awe. Roan breathed her first. Roan was here. 

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