Born Her Way in Water on Vancouver Island by Shea Michelle

There is a strength and determination in women, one that birth photographers often bare witness to. This client brought it, and then some. Determined to birth her way, Jessica sought midwifery care 2 hours from her home since VBAC births are not supported in her community. Once she found a care provider who was supportive of her desire to have an HBAC, Jessica then used Air B’n’B to rent a beautiful little house on Vancouver Island, BC Canada in which to bring her baby earthside.

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Gentle, Quiet Birth in Manila, Philippines Birth Center by Annica Quakenbush

Baby Matias was born at Shiphrah Birthing Home, part of Help International Ministries, near Manila, Philippines.

While Silay pushed, it was peacefully quiet. Silay was on the wooden birthing stool, resting back into her husband's arms. She was incredibly strong. The words "power" and "goddess" kept flashing through my mind as her midwives and I quietly watched her bring their baby earthside.

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Calm, Happy Homebirth in Central Oregon by Caitlin Gallivan-Gaertner

Olive was born on a beautiful spring day in her home in Central Oregon. She was welcomed by her parents Simon and Rebekah, and her big brother Peter. 

The midwives at Bend Birth Center arrived only a few minutes before me, and Rebekah gave birth to Olive just 30 minutes after I arrived in a birthing tub in their bedroom. This was my first birth, and I couldn't believe how incredible it was. I pulled the camera away from my face just after Rebekah gave birth to find tears streaming down my own face. 

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