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The Birth Becomes Her Map - by Jo Robertson

As birth photography grows globally in popularity, adding your business to an easy, established and credible system whereby, potential clients can find you, is a no-brainer!

Is it worth it?
Absolutely, and here's why...

Number 1: Your Client Will Benefit

This year, despite being in the UK, a client discovered my services via the Birth Becomes Her Map. In her own words, my client gives a brief breakdown of how easy the process was.

“I stumbled upon birth photography online and fell in love with the raw emotion captured. This fuelled me to investigate further for my own up and coming birth. I discovered the birth becomes her Facebook page which then led me to their website.

I followed the easy link to the 'find a photographer' section. A representative offered to contact Jo on my behalf or I could reach out myself. After visiting Jo's website I got in touch.

Shortly after a super relaxing face time call, I booked Jo to photograph my birth. Jo enabled me to relive my birth with breathtaking images and I treasure my album. She was such a positive person and was so supportive of me and my mum”

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How to Install Lightroom Presets

Lightroom has changed a lot in the past few years and now with the addition of Lightroom CC, and the updates to Lightroom Classic CC, it’s gotten more difficult to figure out how to install presets and what presets can be used where!

This will help you install Birth Becomes Her presets on Lightroom CC, Lightroom Classic CC (2015) 6, 5, 4, and Lightroom Classic CC Version 8. I am on a PC, if you are on a MAC, the screen shots will look slightly different, but I’ve included the text for MAC.

First, if you don't know what Version you are on, you can check by going to the HELP menu item and scrolling down to “ABOUT ADOBE CLASSIC CC” and click it, then a pop up will come up with the VERSION number.

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Plagiarism Defined

Somebody took my personal bio statements and posted them on her website. That situation was remedied, however I wanted to make sure people knew and understood what the proper boundaries are for using words and content from others; many people do so probably a bit innocently so this should provide some clarity. 

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A Letter to Health Care Providers

No matter where we live and work as Birth Photographers there will be times when we arrive to a birth space and the Health Care Providers on shift have not worked with us or any Birth Photographer previously. Where I live this is almost always the case. Birth Photography is only starting to grow here in Winnipeg and as one of only a few professionals documenting births here I truly believe that an important part of our role is to not only educate and set our clients at ease but to also help to educate and set the professionals we are working closely with at ease.

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5 Reasons Dads Want A Birth Photographer

I wish I could count on one hand the amount of inquiries I've had for birth photography that end in "I'm sorry, my husband doesn't want anyone else in the room". Unfortunately, I can not.

Before an interview, a complimentary consultation, or an in person meeting, just like that, the answer is no.

While I can completely understand and respect this decision, I'd be lying if I said it didn't frustrate me. Mostly because I have seen first hand what an amazing gift a gallery of birth images can be to mom...AND DAD!

So let's dive in, shall we? Dads, here are 5 reasons you want a birth photographer present for your baby's birth.

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On Changing Lives...

We wanted to share some of the life changing stories of our Birth Becomes Her workshop attendees.  

Lindsey Bartell's thoughts about what the workshop meant to her:   "You know how you can look back on the timeline of your life and pinpoint certain moments where the trajectory of your life was literally altered?  This workshop makes it to my list of top five moments." 

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