World Doula Week

Doula \ 'do͞olə \

A birth doula is a non-medical assistant who is experienced with and knowledgeable about childbirth.  They provide continuous physical, emotional, and informational support to a women and her family during pregnancy, childbirth and the postpartum period. 

The above is a very literal definition of the world 'doula' and of the role a doula plays in the birth space.  But most of us know that there is no way to truly define what a doula is, as the depth of their work is soulful and without words. Doulas are there to hold our hands, to reassure us with their words. They can suggest new positions or alleviate pain through counter-pressure and hip squeezes, lots and lots of hip squeezes. Doulas laugh with us, cry with us. Doulas empower the birthing woman to find her own voice and to use it, confidently.

Here at Birth Becomes Her, we're thrilled to celebrate doulas. World Doula Week begins with World Doula Day on March 22nd and goes through March 28th annually. These images are just a few glimpses into the work doulas do for their clients. As birth photographers, we get to see you work long hours and we get to witness your passion and your professionalism. You inspire us, and we're honored to know you and capture you at your job. In honor of World Doula Week, we're giving all doulas and birth professionals a $25 coupon to use on our Birth Photography Toolkit. Our Birth Photography Toolkit is a comprehensive guide compiled by birth photographers Monet Nicole and Jennifer Mason based on their experiences at over 400 births. The ultimate toolkit for new birth photographers. You can use coupon code DOULALOVE until April 1st. 

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