Northern Virginia Rockstar Labor

Photographer: Lee Pettigrew






Journey to Marley

"I woke up around 6am, starving. I started to roll myself out of bed, and as soon as I sat upright, I felt a gush. I assumed I just didn't make it to the bathroom in time. This wouldn't be the first time since I've been pregnant. I stood and felt another gush. I woke my husband and told him I was pretty sure my water had broken. He said, "Its probably just pee again." I did what any woman going into labor for the first time would do...I texted my birth photographer, girlfriends, my mom, and my doula (in that order...cause, priorities), then called my midwife. 

I washed and twisted my hair; ate breakfast; and walked the contractions. A few hours had passed, and my midwife and doula both called to check on me and told me it wouldn't be long. LIES! I felt fine, just a little tired. I convinced my husband that I could drive alone; dropped the dog at daycare; and got a prenatal massage and had the labor inducing pressure points stimulated. I had contractions during the drive home. But I had been feeling pretty awful contractions for the past two weeks. The definitely didn't feel like what I thought labor would be. So I walked some more, but it was mid August, and like 100 degrees outside. 

Twelve hours after my water broke and still no other signs of labor. My midwife told us to be at the hospital by 7am so they could make sure baby wasn't in distress and still had fluid. She also let us know that I may have to be induced. I spent the night bouncing on the b blue ball, doing hundreds of squats, and thinking about holding my baby.  I ended up being induced. The next 2.5 days were a blur.

I walked the halls, did squats, got in the shower, and the birthing tub. The last thing I emember was filling in my eyebrows and telling my husband to remember to take off my earrings if I had to get an emergency c-section, and to put them back on before our baby saw me for the first time. On Aug. 10, 2017, at 10:12 a.m., Miss Marley Amara joined us on this side of the womb. Pregnancy was awful, but labor was beautiful and amazing. If I could give birth again, (without having to be pregnant and care for a newborn) I'd totally do it!"