Unencumbered Home Birth: Phoenix, AZ

Photographer: Melissa Lane Isaksson

Email: hello@melissalane.co

Website: www.melissalane.co

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/melissalanephoto/

Instagram: @melissalanephoto

Being in the presence of a new spirit entering the world is an experience that is hard to put into words. The combination of being in complete awe of what the female body is capable of combined with an unwavering understanding that this is what our bodies were designed to do, that THIS moment is what LIFE is all about. 

I fully understand that when I am trusted and welcomed into the birth space of individuals I hardly know it is a huge privilege. One that I do not take lightly. And so, I breathe deeply, and shoot methodically and try to conceal my sniffles while acting as if I am a ghost of my typical boisterous self. And in those sacred moments, and every time I visit the gallery thereafter I know one thing for sure, I am one lucky lady to be doing what I do. 

Sweet little Wade’s birth story is one of my favorites. I met this mama over coffee to be sure we would be a good fit for one another and she instantly won me over with her southern charm and gorgeous smile. Little did I know that this soft spoken beauty was about to bring her son into this world unencumbered and leave me with a new understanding of the strength of a woman. 

This was my FIRST birth outside of the hospital setting and I was beyond excited! This was also my first experience with a mother who had no reservation in regards to being modest. Although I truly believe all births are beautiful the combination of those two things made this one of my favorite birth stories to date. I am so in love with the raw beauty of these images and whenever I look at them I feel like I am looking at a painting. 

And so, since words would never do these moments justice I will do what I was hired to do and tell Wade’s story in pictures.

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