The Birth of Rowan, by Photo: Art By Jessica, located in Tuscon, AZ

This is the birth story of Rowan!   Photographed by  Photo: Art By Jessica. 

This birth will always hold a very special place in my heart.  It is the last birth I will be attending while living in Tucson.  Also the midwife that delivered baby Rowan is also the midwife that delivered my youngest.  
Jonea was working very closely with the midwives at our local birth center because they noticed that her baby wasn't growing according to schedule.  Baby Rowan was breech for a really long and flipped when she was 36 weeks. The midwives were hopeful that her new head down position would help them better gage how big she was.  Jonea went had had a growth scan done and found out that she we a few weeks behind.  The midwives decided to just keep monitoring and she went in twice a week for an NST (Non Stress Test). Well when she was 38w 6d she had another growth scan done only to find out that the baby had only grown by a few ounces. The midwives and Jonea decided that an induction was necessary.
Jonea was admitted to the hospital around 2:00pm and they began a very slow induction, by sweeping her membranes and giving a dose of Cervidil.  By 11:00pm she was having regular contractions and I headed to the hospital around 1:00am.  Jonea was laboring so beautifully- She was seriously in the 'zone' the entire time.  When she was walking, she kept pacing by the front door of her hospital room and walking right under this amazing light.  She was seriously a birthing goddess.  Little Rowan made her entrance into the world a little after 7:00am.  She was a tiny little peanut weighing 5lbs 6oz but she was perfectly healthy.  The midwife determined that the cause of her growth restriction was a true knot in her umbilical cord.  

This beautiful story written and photographed by Jessica Mielke, The owner and photographer at Photo: Art By Jessica.  Currently, Jessica resides in Tucson Arizona but is moving to Aurora, Colorado in December.  You can find more of her work on facebook here, and on Instagram as @Photoartbyjessica


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