The Birth Becomes Her Map - by Jo Robertson

This birth was photographed in the UK by Jo Robertson, you can find more of her work here.

Photographer: Jo Robertson





Is it worth adding my business to the Birth Becomes Her map?

As birth photography grows globally in popularity, adding your business to an easy, established and credible system whereby, potential clients can find you, is a no-brainer!

Is it worth it?
Absolutely, and here's why...

Number 1: Your Client Will Benefit

This year, despite being in the UK, a client discovered my services via the Birth Becomes Her Map. In her own words, my client gives a brief breakdown of how easy the process was.

“I stumbled upon birth photography online and fell in love with the raw emotion captured. This fuelled me to investigate further for my own up and coming birth. I discovered the birth becomes her Facebook page which then led me to their website.

I followed the easy link to the 'find a photographer' section. A representative offered to contact Jo on my behalf or I could reach out myself. After visiting Jo's website I got in touch.

Shortly after a super relaxing face time call, I booked Jo to photograph my birth. Jo enabled me to relive my birth with breathtaking images and I treasure my album. She was such a positive person and was so supportive of me and my mum”

Being listed on the map helped my client find, connect and book me.

Number 2: You the Photographer Will Benefit

Birth Becomes Her is recognized worldwide and has strong, firm foundations within the birth community. Thousands of women & men visit each of their platforms daily. They also have a large following and a growing email list from women all over the world who want to find out more about birth photography.

The more places you can have your business listed the more opportunity you are giving your potential clients to find you and the better your SEO is.

*Extra bonus – Birth Becomes Her will also send you emails about all the current enquires they've had. You can then follow up with any of those that are in your neck of the woods!

Number 3: Birth Becomes Her Will Benefit

Birth Becomes Her is an established worldwide network of support for birth photographers and up and coming birth photographers. They frequently share the very best birth imagery and work alongside photographers offering them various tools to help them in their businesses (HINT: the MAP is one of them!!)

They connect and help women and families learn, discover, find, book and work with experienced and trusted photographers. Birth Becomes Her provides an exceptional service to both photographer & client.

The more photographers who hop on the map, the more opportunity there is for clients to find you and take a peek into your business.

Getting on the Birth Becomes Her Map is a win-win for everyone!

Here's a collection of images from my clients birth who used the map to get to find and book me (shared with permission)


To find more info about the BBH Map, head on over to our shop. For $25 bucks, it’s worth it!