Birthing in Pearls in St Augustine, Florida by Megan Soto Photography

Megan Soto is a Birth and Family Lifestyle Photographer in the St Augustine and St Johns, Florida. She loves celebrating motherhood at all stages and is a mother to three herself. Thank you for sharing these beautiful images and story with us, Megan!

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Words by Momma

Birth is a baptism of fire into motherhood. Your body wrenches and opens in an incongruous symphony as a new life forces its way into the world. During this process, a "wilding" descends upon the mother. There is no escape from labor and the process must be faced head on, despite fear or uncertainty. I am transformed each time into my baser form, connected to women who for centuries delivered children in the same way; standing on the stones, sitting in birthing chairs and laying on filthy floors. With this in mind, each time I head to the hospital, I put on my pearls. Pearls are uniquely feminine. Pearls are for weddings, funerals and anniversaries. They are treasured jewelry, pulled out on special occasions. 

Birth is my special occasion. This is the day I will meet my precious baby. After all, a pearl's beginnings are not as ethereal as their smooth, rounded surface belies. They begin as an irritant. It is only through time that they are transformed. The trials that I face will all be covered and transformed as well. Just as my birth story will fade from my memory, and all I will remember is the first time I saw her little face. 

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