Rockstar first birth in Denver, Colorado by Rachel Greiman

Rachel Greiman, of Green Chair Stories, lives in Denver, Colorado, and is one of the most genuine photographers I know. Her work captures the spirit of family - she artfully captures the candid, beautiful moments that so quickly slip away. When we noticed that Rachel was doing birth work, Jennifer and I were thrilled to see where it would take her. We knew she'd produce more beautiful, life-affirming work. We're honored to be sharing one of her births on our blog today. If you want to follow Green Chair Stories, you can do so here:

Rachel writes:

Hannah's labor and delivery was only my second birth. And it was almost completely different than the first. This was her and Nick's first baby. And I have been saying it was a tale of two births, because there was a huge distinction between the first half of the day and the second. She transitioned to almost 10 centimeters in comedically easy fashion. Over the course of a few hours, all she needed was a few deep breaths, some pressure on her back from Nick and a soak in the hot tub and she was almost there. We thought she would be pushing within the hour. 

And then we waited.

For eight and a half more hours.

Hannah did this drug-free. She was a rockstar. And then she was finally allowed to push. Which she did. For four hours. Did I mention she was a rockstar? With a little assistance from the doctor, Nora Madeline Grace made her appearance at 2:30 in the morning. I've never seen such complete relief and love on people's faces. Nick and Hannah were so elated to meet her and so ready to start their life as a family of three. 

Being there that day meant more to me than they'll ever know and I don't think I will ever tire of seeing new life come into this world. There is so much hope. So many possibilities. Never-ending love. If you see a baby being born and don't get all spiritual, I don't know what's wrong with you. That shit is a miracle.


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