The Birth of Ireland, by Photo: Art By Jessica, Aurora Colorado

I am Jessica Mielke, I am the owner and photographer at Photo: Art By Jessica located in Aurora, Colorado




This is the birth story of Ireland.  Ireland is the youngest of three in her family and she was the first to be born at a free standing birth center.  Mom called me around 6:00 to let me know she had been having some contractions and they had finally gotten regular.  So I packed up my kids and we went to a family member's house to stay the night so I wouldn't have to pack up both of my girls in the middle of the night.  Around 10:00pm I had gotten the call that they were heading to the birth center and I headed over.  We got there and mom was quietly working through every contraction.  It was really nice because no one else was at the birth center that night, just our little group with her doula and midwife.  I really love birth centers because of the freedom laboring mothers have.  Mom was able to labor anywhere she wanted and when it was time to be monitored, her midwife came to her.  

Ireland decided that right before dawn was the perfect time to make her arrival.  Mom had spent some time laboring in the tub but just couldn't get comfortable and transferred to the bed.  It wasn't long after she moved when she delivered. Births are such and amazing thing it witness and I am so honored that I was there that night.