Overcoming the Obstacle of PRICE


Jenn and I were chatting the other day about an inquiry she'd just received:

She loves my work but she says I'm charging a lot more than everyone else. 

We hear this often. In fact, I hear it almost on a weekly basis. Having to justify WHY you charge what you do is never fun, but I do think it's important...and I've seen the right explanation work on hesitant inquiries again and again. 

Hiring an experienced and professional birth photographer is an investment. And while we know all the reasons why, we have to remember that most of our clients don't. 

I suggested that Jenn send this email out...and guess what? It worked! 

I totally get it. A lot of people assume that a birth session might be similarly priced to a portrait session. But because birth is so unpredictable, I go on-call for you as soon as you hire me. I'm ready to join you guys - day or night - be it right on your due date, at 38 weeks, at 41 weeks....It's a sacrifice I love to make for my clients, but it does require a lifestyle that's very different than most. I don't really ever get "off time." 

By charging as much as I do, I can stay with you as long as your labor takes. Some women give birth in 6 hours, other women give birth in 30. Each birth story is unique and unpredictable. I've even sat with a 4th time mom (who had simple 3-hour births with her other kiddos) for 20+ hours. I'm also able to purchase and maintain the very best photography equipment. My cameras are uniquely equipped to handle the immense demands of low light. A lot of people aren’t aware how much professional birth photography costs but it truly is the most challenging type of photography out there...and it’s so worth it to hire an expert. I not only want you to have beautiful images, I also want you to feel like you hired someone who truly understands and respects the sacredness of the birth process. I've spent years training and learning with midwives so that my presence doesn't interrupt your labor or birth. 

I do offer payment plans if you guys are interested, and/or my New Beginnings sessions are a great option too. They take place the day of birth and are only $xxx. 

Let me know if I can answer any other questions for you guys! 

Please feel free to copy this template. Adjust the wording to fit your unique business. Jenn and I would also love to hear other objections you might need help answering. Please post any and all in the comments below! 

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