Confident Hospital VBAC

Photographer: Mary Ramirez






I first met Melanie months before her due date.  As it was, I wasn't going to be able to photograph her birth because I'd be off call on vacation with my family.  It was a bummer but I was still thrilled to be doing a newborn session with her family of four (soon to be five).  

My vacation came and went as did her due date.  I checked in with her on the drive home from my vacation and it turned out she hadn't had her baby yet!  I could make her birth after all!  

Four days later early on Monday morning I got a call for another mama's birth over 2 weeks before her due date.  I'm on my merry way coffee in hand when I get the call from Melanie too.  That was a first for me.  Two births AT THE SAME TIME!  

Luckily the first had her baby and was happily snuggled in with plenty of time for me to get over to the hospital Melanie was at.  

She had her epidural and was happily resting and we were chatting.  She was filling me in on the events of the day as she had been there since that morning and it was around 2p.  The midwife on call had given her a cervical check and had voiced her concern about her pelvis being "inadequate" to push a baby out of.  

This mama knew better. 

Over the next 12 hours Melanie progressed slowly but steadily!  The epidural stopped working at one point which was intense.  After it was placed again she felt much better!

A bit after midnight I went to go lay down in the waiting room while Melanie got some sleep.  Just 20 minutes later I got a phone call to get back NOW the baby was coming!  

This mama didn't even push.  She pulled her legs up to get into position and he about came flying out.  The midwife nearly didn't have gloves on.  Baby Ander was born at 12:58p just five minutes after my phone rang.  

Melanie reached down and pulled her 9lbs 3oz VBAC baby out of her "inadequate" pelvis.  

I'm always cheering mamas on but this time I was basically jumping up and down literally cheering when he was born!  

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