Empowered Hospital Birth Story

Photographer: Tula Lyon

Email: tulaqphoto@gmail.com

Website: www.tulaqphoto.com

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It was the Saturday of Labor Day weekend and Hurricane Irma was still out at sea, taunting us here on the North Carolina coast with whether we would or would not be impacted. This incredible fourth time mama was due in a week but she sat down on her birthing ball the night before and decided she was going to go ahead and have this baby (her fourth baby girl!) before the hurricane came. 
It's hard for me to believe now but I met this mama for the very first time in the hallway outside of her triage room at the hospital. She immediately asked to give me a hug and welcomed my presence at her birth like family. She had let me know during our phone consultation that this was her first pregnancy using midwifery care rather than an OBGYN and she was looking forward to having an "empowering" birth experience. Now looking back, it is still hard to put into words how powerful this mama was. The midwife told me later that of hundreds of births she has seen she was still in disbelief how easy she made it look. She was politely thanking nurses, laughing with family, considering her options calmly - right through transition! Our hospital does not permit water birth and she only got to use the tub for relief for just a few moments before it was time to get into bed to have her baby: in just a few strong pushes, littlest sister J was born into the most beautiful family of six with all the love you could possibly imagine.

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