Vaginal Breech Birth by Alli Parfenov in Minneapolis, Minnesota

Jenn and I met Alli earlier this year when she purchased our Birth Becomes Her Toolkit and joined our private facebook group. Almost immediately, it was evident that Alli possessed something special: an artistic eye, a huge heart, and an amazing attention to detail. We knew we had to have her on our team, and we've been so blessed to work with her ever since. Alli makes Birth Becomes Her happen week after week, and we're SO grateful for her! We were able to fly her out to our Denver workshop, where we found her infectious laughter and calm presence invaluable.

We encouraged her to share this beautiful vaginal breech birth story with Birth Becomes Her, and we're so glad she did. It's incredible to see what a woman's body is capable of...especially when it's captured with such artistry and care. You can find and follow Alli here:

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Instagram Handle: @alliparfenov

The mood was calm, excited, expectant. This mama was preparing for her 2nd breech birth, every effort to turn her baby didn't produce results, so it was full steam ahead getting everyone ready for another breech home birth.

They say it's a dying practice, vaginal breech, apparently only a few doctors still know the technique and have the freedom to practice it. A home birth requires no doctor and in this case the four midwives present worked as a team, one logging heart rate and contraction timing, one holding the blankets and supplies, two kneeling at the end of the bed watching, waiting, as the baby came down, down, down. They whispered to each other as the doula cheered mama on, they watched for turning, for coloring, for anything catching (especially the chin inside the pelvic bone).

I watched the two midwives as they watched baby, oh look there's a butt cheek! so much meconium! you're doing great mama! and baby slowly slid out, then a leg, then another leg, then an arm, then a joke about how the other baby elbow must feel in the birth canal for mama, descending, entering the world.

Before we knew it there that little person sat, right there on the bed like she was just lounging around. Her chin came out, then her puffy cheeks and lips and, WOW there's her face! how incredible to watch it happen like this! The midwives had mama rise up on her knees for the final push, their hands nearby and ready but touching baby only once she had fully emerged.

What an incredible thing to witness, the amazing thing that is each woman's body and her baby working together. The ancient wisdom is still around to tap into. Vaginal breech is possible.


Thank you again Alli!

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