Hands - Part One


β€œThe hands may almost be said to speak. Do we not use them to demand, promise, summon, dismiss, threaten, supplicate, express aversion or fear, question or deny? Do we not use them to indicate joy, sorrow, hesitation, confession, penitence, measure, quantity, number, and time? Have they not the power to excite and prohibit, to express approval, wonder, shame?”

~ Marcus Fabius Quintilianus, a Roman educator and rhetorician from Hispania


Our hands can tell a story. We use them as tools for necessities - to work, to eat, to build. But we also use them to create, to care for, and to nurture. They are a vessel by which to receive and a method of which to give. Some may choose to adorn them with more details of our unique personalities - jewelry, nail polish, tattoos. In birth, they can be one of the more fascinating aspects of the story. We use them to provide support, give love, pray, push or pull, heal, or massage.

Another way Birth Becomes Her supports photographers is in a private Facebook group where each week, we share images prompted by a theme. Sharing photographs within the community promotes a stronger sense of connection, allows us an opportunity to network, and exposes us to other photography styles. It also inspires us to look at the world through a unique lens. Last week our theme was #hands, and we were blown away by the incredible amount of artwork that was shared. There was so much beauty that we created three different blog posts so that we could share as much of this imagery as possible. Please enjoy this collection and check back tomorrow for Hands - Part Two.

(Images shared in alphabetical order by first name.)

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