On Changing Lives...

The Birth Becomes Her Essence of Birth Workshop is more than just an online course about taking great birth photos.  It's about embracing who you are, and what you love. It's about finding your voice, and making a business from your art!  -- Jenn

Jenn and I talk a lot about how birth photography can change the lives of mothers. But part of the reason we LOVE this work is because birth photography has changed our lives as well. Five years ago, I had no idea what I wanted my life to look like. I was about to have my first baby, and the thought of staying home for the next twenty years felt daunting. I knew that raising my children was infinitely valuable, but I also knew that my heart was crying out for a creative outlet. I wanted to do something that moved my soul.

Fast forward five years, and now I'm the owner of a thriving Birth Photography business that provides for my entire family. My husband no longer has to work full-time. We have the luxury of living in one of Denver's coolest neighborhoods. I get to wake up each day and do a job I LOVE while also having the freedom to take my girls to the zoo on a whim or book a vacation to Paris. I feel infinitely blessed to be doing such incredible work while also making really good money that's changed my family's life.

But here's the thing: Jenn and I want this for more than just the two of us. We want YOU to take your passion and turn it into a sustainable and profitable career. We truly believe that birth photography will only continue to grow, and we want to equip more photographers with the skills, the passion, and the community this amazing job requires. 

Lindsey Bartell came to our first in-person workshop. We asked her to share her thoughts about our workshop with you all. We just love hearing how our workshop helped shape her path! 

"My daughter was four weeks old when I met Monet at the Children’s Museum for a playdate with our kiddos.  She shared information about the upcoming BBH workshop and encouraged me to sign up.  For the first time a spark of excitement and passion began to replace the paralyzing self doubt that had prevented me from pursuing following my dream of photography for the past 10 years.  

While I was initially worried about the cost and logistics (still nursing my tiny baby!), I knew in my heart that the benefits and experience of attending this workshop were invaluable.  Once I came to that realization, my family found the money and means to make it happen. 

You know how you can look back on the timeline of your life and pinpoint certain moments where the trajectory of your life was literally altered?  This workshop makes it to my list of top five moments.  

I left the workshop with a comprehensive arsenal of knowledge about the birth world and how to be a photographer within it.  Jenn and Monet  eloquently covered birth space etiquette, general facts about birth, technical photography skills, post production editing, business tips and marketing.  But more importantly, I had established a community.  A network of people, locally and internationally, all with the same goal.  A community of supportive creatives, always open to answer questions, critique work, to provide emotional guidance through this roller coaster of business ownership.   

My first birth was booked only one week after the conclusion of the workshop.  In 15 months, I have had the honor of witnessing 12 births.  I have doubled my profits of my first year of business already within the first three months of this year.  I have trained and incorporated videography and am currently training to become a certified doula.  All of this … because I took that first step.  

Each with their own individual strengths, together, Jenn and Monet balance each other beautifully.  They are the ultimate definition of ‘community over competition’.  I have had the honor of witnessing them spend countless hours brainstorming, researching, creating and developing tools to help empower and support photographers to be successful in their businesses. People from all over the world message them, asking questions, seeking support and every single one of those questions, regardless of experience, are answered with love and support.  

Find your passion.  Embrace it - all of it, including the fear. If I hadn’t taken that first step, I wouldn’t be where I am today. "  - Lindsey Bartell of Eden Photography


Jenn and I met Taryn at our 2018 In-Person workshop in Denver.  We loved getting to know Taryn throughout the weekend. After the course was over, Taryn implemented so many things she had learned from the in-person workshop.  I think the biggest transformation was her website, which really shows who she is, and what she offers.  I asked Taryn about how she feels about her inquiries and business since taking the course:

"I feel like I don't have as many useless inquiries. So I'm not wasting my time and I'm booking like over 90% of the people who contact me now."

Taryn also had this to say about our BBH Course; 

"There is something about the fellowship you receive when you are surrounded by photographers in your specialty that you will never get in a non birth specific photography course.  The confidence I gained was worth the cost of the course, let alone the business practices, and technical skills. 

The best part is that I'm now well established in a community of people who get me and understand my specific struggles. Who have supported me and continued to offer their help over a year later. I'm proud to be a member of BBH because it means I am a part of something bigger in my chosen career field. "

Taryn Starkey -  The Photo Doula

Taryn Starkey - The Photo Doula

Our friend Kathryn from Kathryn J Birth Stories wanted to share some of her journey about Birth Becomes Her with you.  She also included an awesome collage of images that were taken "before BBH" and "After BBH."  We love seeing her growth!   

If you've been on the fence regarding the BBH course, presets, toolkit, etc. JUMP! You need BBH in your life!

I seriously could not have grown my business this year without all the tools BBH offers. I photographed my very first birth in October of 2016, officially opened my business in January 2017, and a year and 20ish births later I couldn't be more excited to see what 2018 brings.

After taking the course, I have a better understanding of how to tackle challenges that birth photography can bring. I have more confidence. I feel like I have a better plan for my business and take comfort knowing that BBH has tools and community to help me along the way.  THANK YOU!!! "  

Here is a little before and after in photos.. Seriously, Jennifer and Monet,  my second year as a birth photographer would not be starting off this great if it weren't for you. I still have a lot to learn and plenty of room for growth, but I know i'm on the right track and feel confident that BBH will always have something to offer to help guide me in the right direction.


And one thing we're REALLY excited about for our workshop this fall is that EVERY student will receive one-to-one mentoring.  Jessica Worland is an exceptionally talented photographed who we've loved watching grow. She said this about working with Monet: 

"My mentoring session with Monet gave me so much clarity and direction! I had been spending the past year working hard on all the pieces I needed for my business but wasn't sure how to bring it all together and book new clients. After implementing Monet's suggestions I had six inquiries in one day and booked two new clients!?"

Jenn and I love hearing these success stories. We love seeing the work of our students. We love hearing that they're booking more clients, that they're honing in on their unique style. We started Birth Becomes Her because we wanted birth photographers to have a supportive community to share and grow. We created our online course - the Essence of Birth because we know just how much goes into this work...and that without a strong foundation, it's easy to walk away from this incredible job. Over the last few months, we've added even more tutorials, even more templates, even more business advice. We're super excited to launch our Fall class. We want you to join us. We want to be sharing YOUR success story next year. 

Monet and Jenn