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Nashville, TN Bright Homebirth by Kailee Riches

"I had finally bought the last of my home birth supplies and felt ready to have my baby nine days before my estimated due date. My husband went out with my daughter and after I took a much needed nap, I had a sudden burst of energy. I happily cleaned the house to my heart's content without interruption. I joked when my husband came home that Jasper now had my permission to be born. Ironically, just a few hours later while we were laying in bed, I began having some slight bleeding and cramps followed by contractions that were irregular, but gradually getting stronger.

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Gentle Homebirth of Mirabelle in Winnipeg, Canada by Elliana Gilbert

It was the morning of the 12th of December in Winnipeg, Mb, Canada; I was asleep, when at around 4 in the morning, I got the call from Brian, Melissa's husband, that things were intensifying, and they believed this was it! and that their midwives had been called over as well. I shot right out of bed, heart racing, eyes widening immediately and a great big grin taking over my no longer groggy face. I zipped through all my things, got some clothes on, whispered to my husband that he was to be in charge on homebase that day because I had to run to a birth! One of the very best things I have to tell him nowadays - see ya Hun! I'm off to do what I love the most!

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Born Her Way in Water on Vancouver Island by Shea Michelle

There is a strength and determination in women, one that birth photographers often bare witness to. This client brought it, and then some. Determined to birth her way, Jessica sought midwifery care 2 hours from her home since VBAC births are not supported in her community. Once she found a care provider who was supportive of her desire to have an HBAC, Jessica then used Air B’n’B to rent a beautiful little house on Vancouver Island, BC Canada in which to bring her baby earthside.

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Calm, Happy Homebirth in Central Oregon by Caitlin Gallivan-Gaertner

Olive was born on a beautiful spring day in her home in Central Oregon. She was welcomed by her parents Simon and Rebekah, and her big brother Peter. 

The midwives at Bend Birth Center arrived only a few minutes before me, and Rebekah gave birth to Olive just 30 minutes after I arrived in a birthing tub in their bedroom. This was my first birth, and I couldn't believe how incredible it was. I pulled the camera away from my face just after Rebekah gave birth to find tears streaming down my own face. 

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