Favorite Cesarean Images from the 2019 BBH Image Contest

Cesarean parents: we see you.

We see your strength. As you wait on operating tables and in hallways. As you willingly let a surgeon open your body while you open your soul.

We see your humanity. The tears that fall when you hear that first cry and then again when your baby is finally in your arms. In a sea of blue, we see your joy and brokenness.

We see your beauty. Your smile brighter than any operating light.

And we know that some of you chose this birth willingly…and that others of you did not. And yes, a healthy mom and baby does matter…but sometimes you leave the operating room with trauma and grief that should never be downplayed or ignored.

Many of us are cesarean mamas ourselves. We gave birth in the operating room…and longed for images like these to help us process and remember one of the most important days of our lives.

We see you. We celebrate you. And we wanted to share these images from the 2019 Birth Becomes Her Image Contest in hopes that they remind you just how strong and beautiful you really are…