We Need Your Help - Building a Successful Birth Business

Learn How to Start your Birth Business

Hi, Jenn and Monet here! We are so excited that our Building Your Birth Business Toolkit is nearly complete!  Jasmine, from Earth Mama Empowered Birthing, has been working on it for almost two years, and we can't wait to finally release it with her! And if you sign up below, we'll send you free tutorials and templates related to building your business! 

The Toolkit is focused on the process of starting your own business. We want birth workers to have the tools to create a sustainable and healthy business for years to come. We talk about selecting the right name, legally establishing your business, setting up a dynamic website, and more. This toolkit is specific to birth workers and the unique situations we face! 

We're covering all the steps Jenn and I took to start our own personal businesses, as well as Birth Becomes Her. It's worth taking the time to make sure you've set up your business legally. Protecting both you and your clients is the key to running a long-term, thriving birth business. 

As we get close to officially launching, we need your help. What are your top two business-related questions? Please answer by leaving us a comment below! And be sure to SIGN UP below to get the very first notifications and free tutorials related to building your birth business

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