Born Her Way in Water on Vancouver Island by Shea Michelle

Photographer: Shea Michelle





There is a strength and determination in women, one that birth photographers often bare witness to. This client brought it, and then some. Determined to birth her way, Jessica sought midwifery care 2 hours from her home since VBAC births are not supported in her community. Once she found a care provider who was supportive of her desire to have an HBAC, Jessica then used Air B’n’B to rent a beautiful little house on Vancouver Island, BC Canada in which to bring her baby earthside.

Her labour began in the very early hours of the morning, the rain was coming down hard. This momma and her husband piled into the couple’s van and started their 2 hour journey to the cottage, with Jessica labouring on all fours in the back seat. They met their team of midwives at the cottage and everyone began filling the birthing pool while Jessica laboured calmly. She knew exactly what her body and her baby needed. She exuded calm focus as she continue to progress through active labour and transition.

Three and a half hours later, a surprise baby girl was born into the water and caught by her Daddy’s strong hands. As requested by her Momma, little Rose Jora received immediate skin to skin with Jessica, and began breastfeeding like a champ shortly after the placenta was delivered. When asked what advice she had for other Mommas, she said "Rock the boat, ask questions, advocate, seek supportive providers, don't take no for an answer, surrender to your baby and your birth, believe in's your body and your birth. You can only control so much but you can influence almost everything”

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