Beginning Birth Photography? The BBH Birth Photography Course

It's just around the corner. Jennifer Mason and I are getting ready for our next online birth photography course to start, and we couldn't be more excited. Our first cohort walked away with the knowledge and support they needed to feel confident and creative in the birth space. We loved our weekly discussions. We loved sharing the knowledge we've accumulated after 300+ births. We loved offering feedback on the final galleries that our students submitted. We loved seeing GROWTH. 

Amazing before/after by one of our favorite students... Kathryn Johnson! 

Amazing before/after by one of our favorite students...Kathryn Johnson! 

Jennifer and I created the online course because we were hearing from so many new and beginning birth photographers that wanted better education options. Birth photography is one of the most incredible and growing fields out there...and yet we seriously lacked any type of formal education. 

Birth Becomes Her aims to fill that gap! 

“I started the Birth Becomes Her online workshop at the beginning of October 2017, and it’s been fantastic. With only a week left, I’m feeling sad that it’s almost over, but I’m definitely leaving feeling motivated and confident! This course has really helped propel my business and increase my skills in not only birth photography, but photography in general. I’ve learned so much in regards to settings and technical skill, storytelling, business management, birth etiquette, and much more. Jennifer and Monet are leaders of this industry, no doubt, and to learn from them has been beyond inspiring. I’ve taken many online courses but I really love the way this course is set up, it allows for great discussion and interaction. I’ve loved watching the videos included in the lessons, they’ve been very insightful and helpful. Even with their busy schedules, Monet and Jenn have taken time with us to answer all of our questions and give us personally tailored advice. They really go above and beyond to help other birth photographers grow in this industry. This course is a must-take for any aspiring birth photographers, or even established birth photographers!
— Shelby Story
Online Birth Photography Class

We've been asked a lot of questions about the course during our registration window, and we wanted to take the time to answer them. 

1. Is this course only for brand new birth photographers? Or will it help someone with 20 or even 30 births under their belt? 

We designed our birth photography course to help both new and beginning birth photographers. If you've been shooting births for 1-2 years but still struggle to get either the clients or the images you love...then this course is for you. We cover both basic and advanced photography topics. We help you think differently about style. We introduce you to one of the best photography marketing experts in the country. And we offer individualized feedback to each of our students. 

2. What will I get by taking this course? 

First and foremost: confidence. Confidence to create. Confidence to market. Confidence to enter the most sacred of spaces - the birth space. You'll also be listed as a Certified Birth Becomes Her Birth Photographer on our interactive map (and you'll get a badge to put on your website too!) We've worked with local midwives, nurses, and hospitals to create a course that not only prepares you to work well with your camera...but also with labor and delivery staff. 

We also offer personal gallery feedback to each of our students. We'll pour over your work and offer you suggestions on how to grow and improve. 

You'll also receive access to a private BBH-mentorship group, as well as several discount codes to purchase other BBH products. 

3. Do I have to login at certain times each week? 

No! You study whenever you want. Our course takes place over six-weeks. Jennifer and I release lessons twice a week with discussion forums that pair with each lesson. You can access the material 24/7 and read/watch whenever you have the time. Jennifer and I do our best to answer every question we receive in the forums...and it's where some of our best learning happens!

4. Do you talk about the business/marketing aspect of this job? 

Yes. What we've been hearing again and again is that birth photographers LOVE their job but are struggling to find and book their ideal clients. We know amazing photographers who produce incredible work, but aren't making enough money to justify the demands of being on-call. So we wanted this course to spend an ample amount of time on both business and marketing. We want to give you the tools you need to find and book your client. We also want to help you establish a legal business that can thrive. 

5. Is it worth the investment? 

We'll let one of our students answer here: 

 BBH's online photography course has been crucial not only in my business development but also in satisfying my soul. On days where I knew a new lesson would be waiting for me in my inbox, I would awaken and start the day eagerly absorbing Monet's & Jennifer's professional guidance (often I would be so excited that I wouldn't even make it out of bed first!). I have learned many technical shooting and editing skills that have afforded me the confidence I needed to feel like a professional and to start marketing myself as one. Both Monet & Jennifer have lovely, genuine personalities and are available to connect with you one-on-one. They helped me troubleshoot camera and flash problems, going above and beyond what I would expect from any instructor of an online course. If you are debating whether this course will be worth the investment, know that it is. Not only will you receive access to comprehensive photography and birth lessons, but you will gain access to a warm, nurturing community of photography professionals who will help you grow. 

~Maggie Williams

6. Okay, where I can sign up?

You can sign up right here. Our course begins February 1st, and it's already filling up. We can't wait to have you join us!

~Monet Nicole~ 

Online Birth Photography Class