{Birth Film} Adonijah’s Birth Story by Noelle Herring

Name: Noelle Herring

Email: aloha@sweetrainmedia.com

Website: https://www.sweetrainmedia.com/birthfilms

Facebook: www.facebook.com/sweetrainmedia

Instagram: www.instagram.com/sweetrainmedia

Sweet baby Adonijah surprised his mom Jerusha with his early arrival, but nobody was more caught off guard than his daddy Elijah, who was out to sea and missed the birth by just a few hours. Having a navy sailor for a dad makes the story of A's birth is a tear jerker. He missed the birth and when he arrived hours later, his wife was on mandatory bed rest and his baby was in the NICU. As if that weren't enough, ten days later, Elijah was deployed for over six months overseas and missed out on the the first few months of Adonijah's life.

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