Beautiful Dutch Home Birth

Photographer: Renate van Lith





Brief Description of Birth: These are the words of my client about her beautiful dutch homebirth.
It is such a positive birth story that has to be told!

"We were so much looking forward to the birth of our second son. When the contractions finally came and stayed regular for over an hour I called my husband, sister, mother in law, cousin and birth photographer that they were welcome to come (to our) home. My father and son (of 2,5 years old) were already in the house when I went into labour. We were all so excited that the time had finally come, so we were all laughing and were really enthusiastic. During the contractions I was hopping on my fitness ball downstairs and sang through the contractions. The time between the contractions became less and me and my husband went upstairs to the bath that we prepared for this birth. The family stayed downstairs, but our son was welcome to come to us at any time. I danced with my feet in the bathtub, made ‘ohm’ noises during the contractions, laughed and cuddled with my husband. I felt so intense lucky. The midwifes came and observed us sitting on our bed. One of the midwifes suggested that I could feel how much I was dilated myself. It was so wonderful to feel my child come closer and closer. And then the contractions became deeper and I let my breathe support my baby to come. My husband and I welcomed him into this world. It was the most beautiful birth I could have even imagined. My oldest son came as soon as he heard his little brother cry and was instantly in love as well. Then the rest of the family came into the room and we all enjoyed these special moments together."

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