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Photographer: Cyd Lapour




Instagram: @cydley

Photographer’s Service Area: Baton Rouge Louisiana

Hajir and her husband Zaki, along with their daughter Rubah, are immigrants from Iraq. This being their first baby born in the US, many of the processes of a hospital birth here were new to the family, but Woman's Hospital in Baton Rouge was great about making sure that they understood everything that they needed to in order to make the best decisions for mother and baby.

Witnessing the inherent difficulty in navigating a medical environment when English is not your first language was a humbling experience, for me - but Hajir navigated the situation with grace and consideration, as any mother does.

The family was surrounded by supportive grandmothers, aunts, and cousins all day long, and I was reminded of how truly universal the birth experience can be. The women of Hajir's family surrounded her and fussed, comforted and encouraged throughout her labor, as women of all religions, colors and nationalities have been doing for centuries.

Through it all, her husband Zaki, who hadn't been present at her first daughter's birth, held her hand and wondered at the miracle of a new life beginning right alongside her.

Through stormy weather and after a long day of labor, their daughter Jana was born healthy and perfect. Zaki introduced their daughter to Jana, and in quiet, reverent whispers they crooned to her and told her how much she was loved, while stroking tiny wrinkly toes and soft, downy baby hair. Jana held her new baby in her arms while holding her oldest close, and felt her whole world come together in the presence of her family.

I was prepared for this day to be different than other births, to learn things about a different culture than my own - but in the end, I learned that the most important parts are wonderfully, beautifully common to us all.

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