A Miraculous C-Section Birth Story

Photographer: Jena LaRoy

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The first Birth I photographed was incredible on many levels. I think every Birth is powerful in its own way, but this one will forever hold space in my heart. April is my boyfriend's hairdresser and that is technically how we met. Photographing her C-Section is what really brought us together as friends though. 

April's story is one of an underdog. Her childhood consisted of mental, physical, and sexual abuse from her Mother and family. This later lead to her diagnosis of Complex Disassociating Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (CD-PTSD). CD-PTSD happens when there are layers upon layers of psychological abuse to a child. She was also diagnosed with several other diseases including a rare blood disorder, Endometriosis, Poly-Cystic Ovarian Syndrome, and most devastatingly, infertility. 

April attests most of her diagnoses to the CD-PTSD from her childhood. Given everything that she has been through, she could have very easily closed herself off from the world. However, she instead used her trauma as fuel to her own fire. 

She knows in her heart that through therapy and self-healing that she opened up space for her baby to arrive. April did not let her infertility diagnosis stop her from living her dream of becoming a Mother. She wanted more than anything to not let her childhood define her and to be the best Mother in the whole world. 

Photographing April's C-Section was heartwarming. An hour before she was scheduled to enter the Operating Room, the surgeon said that I actually was not allowed inside, despite us already confirming that I was. Both April and I were disappointed. We had a very open and honest conversation with the surgeon, to whom we are both so grateful to for changing her mind. I think that we all connected over April's incredible story and how hard she worked to get there. 

In the end, I was allowed to enter the OR to photograph the arrival of April's miracle baby, Virgil. My favourite moment and photograph from this experience were once he came earthside and everyone in the room paused for a moment. There really was an unplanned moment of silence in the room to appreciate the arrival of this miracle baby. 

I only know the surface of April's story and can only imagine the dark depths of her soul she had to visit to overcome her traumas. She taught me that we are all different from the circumstances life gives us, we don't have to be defined by them. You can set your own path and accomplish anything with love and persistence.

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