Nursing Through Homebirth in Melbourne, Florida by Melissa Benzel

Photographer: Melissa Benzel





This was Amiah's 4th delivery and she hired me to document her home birth early on. I am normally on call from week 36 until delivery. She didn't deliver until week 42, so as you can imagine, I was on pins and needles waiting for her call. 

Amiah, nursed her toddler during her entire birth in Melbourne, Florida. Her son helped her labor progress nicely, by doing what is most natural and nursing from his mama. Baby sister arrived and this super mom continued nursing both of her babies. I love the image where she is delivering her placenta still tandem nursing her loves. Mom will tell you she did what came natural and nothing out of the ordinary but I tell her and anyone who will listen, she is nothing short of an amazing example of what motherhood is all about: putting ourselves in the back-burner to assure that our children have what they want and need. Extraordinary indeed.

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