Orlando, Florida Shower Homebirth by Bonnie Hussey

Bonnie Hussey is a true artist with a heart of gold. She's passionate about birth and maternal health...and you can see it in each image she takes. The birth story below highlights her strengths as a documentary photographer. The angles and perspectives of each image make me want to sit with them just a little longer. I I love her use of light and her storytelling. She's an artist we all should be following.  

Name: Bonnie Hussey

Email: info@bonniehussey.com

Website: http://bonniehussey.com

Facebook: http://facebook.com/bonniehusseybirthphotographer

Instagram: http://instagram.com/bonniehusseybirthphotographer

This is one of the most incredible Orlando, Florida births I have been privy to be apart of. Mama labored like a warrior at home and delivered her baby standing in the shower. Each birth I have documented has been so different from the last, and this birth story is no exception. There were many points during labor where I wanted to put my camera down, and help any way I could... but I knew mama had an amazing support team, and there was nothing I could do for her that her team wasn't already doing.

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