"We're so happy to meet you" Emotional Hospital Birth by Hanna Hill

Photographer: Hanna Hill

Email: hannahillphotography@gmail.com

Website: www.hannahillphotography.com

Facebook: www.facebook.com/hannahillphotography.com/

Instagram: www.instagram.com/hannahillphotography/

C endured a long labor and one very long plateau at 9cm but as the heart rates and oxygen of both mom and baby became worrisome her sweet husband was by her side. He literally didn't sit down more than once throughout the 14 hours of labor. He spoke words of encouragement and stirred within C the strength to push through. With one hand holding the oxygen mask and the other gripping as hard as she could against her husband she brought their little one into the world. They had waited to find out the gender so the resounding joy of "it's a boy, it's really a boy" filled the room for those first few seconds of life. Followed by floods of love and emotion as they spoke over their little boy, "we love you, we're so happy to meet you." over and over. Hanna Hill is a birth photographer serving Raleigh, NC and Kansas City, MO. 

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