Melbourne, Florida Homebirth Brings this Family to Five by Melissa Benzel

There are so many stunning moments of connection here. Each family member immersed themselves in the experience of birth and Melissa Benzel captured such a beautiful day in this family's journey. Each of her images is beautiful, but I'm obsessed with the image where mom looks directly at the camera. I think so many mothers can relate to that indescribable feeling, and Melissa managed to capture it in one incredible frame. 

Photographer: Melissa Benzel




Corey and Sasha already had the perfect little family with their gorgeous little girl and handsome little boy... but life threw them a bitty surprise and then came River, a sweet baby boy to complete their already beautiful family! Sasha birthed their 3rd baby in the comfort of her home alongside her 2 best friends, who happen to be doulas (what?!), her awesome midwife, loving husband and their 2 children. Just when she thought she couldn't, she did!!