A Waterlily is Born: A Sweet Waterbirth in Knoxville, Tennessee by Shelby Clowers

A good birth story draws you in from the first image...and holds you close till the very last. Shelby Clowers is a talented photographer whose work evokes deep emotions. When I first looked through these images, I took a sharp inhale. They were each so rich. So moving. I found myself wanting to return to them after I'd closed my computer, which is just one sign of how powerful her work is as a photographer. 

Photographer: Shelby Clowers

Website: www.shelbyclowers.com

Facebook: facebook.com/shelbyclowersphotography

Instagram: instagram.com/sclowersphotography

Yet another beautiful success birth story. A mother giving birth to her second child relies on the help of her husband and doula to get her through the most powerful moments of the life. Delivering a perfect baby girl named Lily in the water this story has become known as "Water Lily".

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