An Emotional Belly Birth in Oahu, Hawaii by Sophia Costa

Oh my goodness. We are obsessed with Sophia Costa's work. Her stunning angles, her vivid colors, and her spotless editing inspire us on a daily basis. When she submitted this beautiful and emotional belly birth, we couldn't want to publish it. Sophia captured both the intensity and the gentleness of this family's birth story. Her images are captivating, and I found myself pausing to study each one before moving onto the next.

Name: Sophia Costa



Instagram: @thesophiaco

Birth is unpredictable.

We plan and we hope, and sometimes all that we envisioned doesn't really happen.

I am immensely grateful for clients who advocate for their needs even after so many long laboring hours, no progress and lots of frustrations and crushed plans. I am also so grateful for doctors and hospitals who are understanding and accommodating.

I was allowed to go inside the OR with mom and dad and I got to capture some great shots of their first baby being born. The birth itself didn't go at all as planned, but to be able to capture these moments for my clients was really priceless because so many cesarean section parents aren't given the chance to have these first moments professionally captured.