Totally in Tune with Her Body: A Waterbirth at Home in Winnipeg, Canada by Catherine Brown

We had the honor of meeting Catherine when she attended our first Birth Becomes Her workshop. Her spirit and presence was invaluable. She brought so much life and light to our weekend together. We loved learning and laughing with her, and Jenn and I both wished she lived closer to Colorado! And then, of course, we fell in love with her work. She approaches birth with a true artist eye, finding captivating and unique angles that often make me say, "wow!" This birth story is a beautiful example of her talent. A peaceful, early morning homebirth where mom was surrounded with love and support from her family and birth team. 

Photographer: Catherine Brown



Instagram: @catherinebrownphotography

Jenine and I have been friends for many years now. We have a lot in common and one of those commons is our love for all things birth. We are both Doulas here in Winnipeg and we even share the same last name!

When Jenine found out that her third baby was on the way she started planning for a home water birth which also included having the day documented by moi! I was so excited! What an honour to document the birth for a friend and fellow Doula-sister!

Jenine’s first two babies both arrived prior to 40 weeks and therefore everyone was organized and ready to go by 37 weeks just in case. Well sure enough this little guy had entirely different plans! After a few (or more) nights of teasing us all things picked up for real at 41+2.

Jenine texted around 2:30 am that things were moving along and I got over to them around 3:30 am. Deer were all along her street and it was a quiet yet beautiful evening to labour and welcome new life!

Birth stories are filled with so much love, support and trust. Rob was such an amazing part of the team and it was an honour to be alongside them as they worked hand in hand to bring baby boy earthside.

There is no right or wrong way to labour or birth a baby. That’s for sure! There is also no labour or birth that is ever the same. Ever! How amazing is that?? Birth is as real and unscripted as life gets! I am forever in awe at the strength of a woman in labour.

Jenine laboured with such a quiet but strong energy. She was completely in-tune with her body and it was beautiful to see. Rob knew exactly how to support Jenine and offered massage, counter pressure, sips of fluids and encouragement all along the way. He also took great care to ensure the pool temperature was always just right.

Jenine knew when it was just the right time to get into the pool and spent the last while of her labour using water as a wonderful support tool.

Before long Jenine’s contractions turned to primal pushy contractions. Her daughter, Tenley, woke just in time to come support her Mama too. She was so excited to be a part of her little brothers birth-day. What a beautiful gift she was given to have birth normalized for her.

With the support of 2 amazing Manitoba Midwives, her husband and daughter, Oakley was born peacefully at home on October 25th, 2016 at 7:29 am weighing in at 10lbs 10.5 oz. Not long later her other little boy, Eli, woke up and joined in the birthday celebrations all in the comfort of their own home.

Congratulations Brown family. Thank you for welcoming me into your sacred space and trusting me to document the day your family grew to a family of 5.

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