A Breech Baby Born Through the Belly in Denver, Colorado by Joyanna Goslovich

Joyanna is definitely one of the best new birth photographers to watch!  Her work continues to grow with each birth story she documents.  Monet and I did a mentorship with Joyanna last year when she was first starting in birth photography.  Now I look at her work and she inspires me with her eye for documentary style photos and capturing the emotion in the moment.   Take a minute to read through this birth story full of love, and leave a comment of support for the family. 

Photographer: Joyanna Goslovich

Website: capturingjoybirthservices.com

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/capturingjoybirthservices/

Instagram: @capturing_joy_photography

This sweet couple planned for a natural hypnobirth, but discovered baby was breech a few weeks before mama's due date. Despite efforts to get her to turn, baby decided she was comfortable how she was and determined to stay breech! After trying everything, my clients decided to go ahead with a scheduled cesarean. 

I met Jeff, Nicole and their son Raine outside the hospital at 6am and was so honored to get to document this amazing day for them. Baby's gender was going to be a surprise, and as Jeff and I were waiting to be taken back to the OR, I asked him what his final guess was. He said he was pretty sure the baby would be a boy and that if it was a girl, he might pass out! :) 

It was beautiful to witness such a family-centered cesarean. Nicole was allowed to diffuse her favorite essential oil, play music, and use clear drapes so she could see as baby was born! Baby was delivered feet first, and the doctor announced that it was a girl! Jeff didn't faint, but there were many tears of joy and excitement. When we got back to recovery, Raine was eagerly waiting to meet his little sister -- and I had no doubt he's going to be the sweetest, most protective big brother ever!