Empowered in the Hospital: A Peaceful 2nd Birth in Crestview, Florida by Kayla Reeder

Kayla did an amazing job capturing this birth story.  What a blessing to this beautiful family to have photos this incredible from their birth.  Take a moment to read this story through Kayla's eyes and leave a comment or encouraging word for the family! 

Photographer: Kayla Reeder

Website: www.kreederphotography@gmail.com

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/kreederbirth/

Instagram: @kreederphoto.birth

After several induction cancellations due to a very busy hospital, Jamie was finally called in to begin the induction process to bring her second son Earth side. It was a long 40 weeks but the wait was over. At 4am she was checked in and pitocin was administered through her IV. Around 7:30 her water broke on it's own and contractions began to pick up. By 9am things were moving along and I joined her. She labored beautifully, the contractions weren't too intense but they were doing their job.

Jamie did pelvis circles on a labor ball and swayed to help encourage baby in the right direction. When her contractions became more intense she requested an epidural and it made her very comfortable. Things were so mellow and calm with an air of excitement as we all waited for Jamie's body to do what it was made to do. With her first birth, the epidural quit working, this time, everything worked.. and worked well. After a few hours she felt great pressure, the nurse checked her and to our surprise it was time to push! Everyone got into their position. They were a team.

Mom had requested immediate skin to skin and delayed cord clamping, the nurse reminded everyone. It was so peaceful. She gave it everything she had as she pushed, the words of encouragement and excitement moved me to tears. After just a few pushes baby's head was nearly all the way out. After one more push the doctor called Jamie to reach down and pull her baby up. It was BEAUTIFUL! The moment she anticipated all day was here. Her son, Declan Ryder, was here! Dad was grinning from ear to ear and baby was crying the most perfect cries.

What I loved most about this birth was how respectful and empowering it was. Not once was mom questioned for her decisions, but she was encouraged and loved and made to feel strong, just like every single mother should feel. Whether you birth naturally or with an epidural. Whether you have a cesarean or vaginal delivery. Every single woman deserve to be respected and empowered.