A Sunrise Home Birth in San Francisco, California by Samantha Noel

I've seen several of Samantha's photos from this birth, but seeing the whole story I'm even more of a fan!  Her work is swoonworthy and this story and beautiful clients are some of my favorites that we've shared on Birth Becomes Her.  

Photographer: Samantha Noel

Website: www.samanthanoelphotography.com

Facebook: www.facebook.com/Samantha-Noel-Photography

I woke up to a call from my clients around 4am and was quickly passing over the Bay Bridge. The city felt empty and dark, but as I approached their home I was greeted by a warm glow from their kitchen window. The mother was laboring quietly in the tub when I had arrived, but before long had moved into her bedroom to rock on her ball and connect with her husband. When the sun began to rise she had moved to the shower and there was a distinct shift in her labor that we all felt. Things became more intense. More movement, more vocalization. She seemed farther away in her own world, but still grounded in it. It was clear that she was complete as the new morning sun was shining through the small bathroom window. After moving back to the tub, the mother spent some time self-checking, trying to figure out where baby was, and felt that she was posterior. The tub began to feel difficult, and with all her might she pulled herself up from the water and moved to her bedroom floor with the help of her midwives and husband. The baby girl came shortly after. With her midwives guiding her she caught her baby in her hands and pulled her daughter to her chest.

With the start of a new day the city was buzzing around their tiny San Francisco home, while the family soaked up the moments with their new baby girl.